Our final day in Ethiopia was spent at Kebebtsehay orphanage in Addis Ababa. Our group split up with some of our group playing with the bigger kids, some toddlers, some babies. I spent my day with the babies. I was greatly relieved to see all the babies who were in ICU on our visit last Thursday were still there. Their nurse tells me a couple of them had come to the orphanage weighing only two pounds but are starting to put on a little weight.

It can be hard to reconcile the stark poverty that most Ethiopians live in with the unparalleled beauty of the land and the warmth and spirit of the people of Ethiopia. Food and medicine are in short supply at Kebebtsehay, but never care, love or attention, thanks to the men and women who live every day with these children. They confront overwhelming need with all the heart and energy a human can give.

And I cannot say enough about the spirits of the children. Even in our all too brief time together, I think each of us found some kind of connection with a

special child. When you watch them practicing their reading, playing games and pitching in to help take care of the younger kids, you can see all their potential and promise. With support and opportunity, these children could be the ones to truly change Ethiopia. To do that, they need your help. Volunteer for the next mission, hold a book drive or donate to support our school. Any help you can give we be appreciated more than you imagine.