8 Steps to Hosting a Supply Drive

*Please contact us at [email protected] to see what our supply needs are for the upcoming mission

1. Identify a local business or high traffic location where supplies will be secure and dry. Be sure to get the name and contact number of a business employee who will serve as your point of contact for the duration of your supply drive.

2. Gather presentable large plastic containers to place in each partner business or location; Tastefully attach a flyer to the containers and drop them off at your predetermined locations. These flyers are ideal to post in your community to encourage support.

3. Decide on an acceptable timeline for your supply drive. Typically, drives last 1 month.

4. Stay in weekly contact with your drive location contacts to make sure both your receptacles are maintained and gauge participation. You may need to visit the location to empty the container to make room for more supplies!

5. Pick up supplies from all drive locations in a timely manner.

6. Send a prompt THANK YOU letter to each business or organization that served as a collection point (remember to sign each letter).

7. Contact us to pick up your supplies. We’d love to hear your story. Be sure to share with us how you heard about the Davis Moon Project and what inspired you to join our cause. If your drive included community support, it is always a good idea to send an update to the local papers detailing your
efforts, thanking the community and reporting on amount of supplies collected!
(see sample article attached)

Davis Moon Project Article (PDF)

Other Supply Collecting Ideas

Host a child’s birthday party that accepts no gifts, just donations.
2. Appeal to local girls/boys groups such as the Girl/Boy Scouts to collect supplies as
a troop project.
3. Supply collection points such as Gymboree, Little Gym are excellent collection sites.
4. Ask your church day care if they might host a month long supply drive.
5. Discuss a classroom drive with your child’s teacher.