The Davis Moon Project


The mission of the Davis Moon Project is to be the primary support of the Davis Moon Project School in the Kadara region of rural Arbegona, Ethiopia. The DMP School serves over 2,000 students grades pre-K to 8th grade and is a collaborative effort including school administration, local authorities, parents, church leaders, and government officials. We underwrite all infrastructure, student uniforms, desks, some teacher training and most learning materials. We also strive to support the large orphan community in Ethiopia by working with select urban and rural orphanages and empowering the large population of orphaned students at the DMP School. The DMP School is utilized as a community medical clinic during non-school hours.


Who is


Davis Moon was born in Awassa, Ethiopia before coming home in 2008.  Davis has a large and truly wonderful Ethiopian family that includes his three brothers (Nebu, Biruk & Lewe) and two sisters (Selamwit & Sonja).   Davis is well loved by ALL of his family on both continents and makes regular visits to Ethiopia to stay connected to his heritage and beautiful relatives.  He is also an active volunteer in our literacy endeavors.
 The literacy project was originally started as a way to give back to his orphanage (Horizon House) in Addis Ababa where Davis briefly stayed before coming home.  It was meant to be a simple library in one orphanage. The project has blossomed to focus on the 2,000 students attending our heartwarming DMP School in Arbegona, Ethiopia and serve several private and state-operated orphanages.  While Davis remains the inspiration and is the living example of the meaningful potential that each child holds, the essence of this program remains that every child has this limitless potential. Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn!



Books unlock a new world for students who do not have the opportunity to leave their rural community. The donation of books is what started The Davis Moon Project and will always be a core foundation of our organization.


For many children that attend our school, the uniform they are given at the beginning of the school year is the only new item of clothing they will receive all year. Our students take pride in wearing their school uniform and it a large part of their identity.


You have seen the supply list your child is sent home with at the start of each year, so you understand the amount of supplies that are needed to run a school. With a limited budget we try to provide as many supplies as we can from pencils, paper, calculators, computers and sports balls. All of these items enrich the learning experience.


It takes an incredible team working behind the scenes to ensure that the Davis Moon Project School operates as efficiently as possible. The passion of our volunteers is undeniable, the second their boots hit the ground in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia they are willing and ready to work on any project at hand!



Our Work



Our mission trips are a unique opportunity to work with the Davis Moon Project organization. Every even year we take a small group of volunteers to assist with projects in identified areas of need. Over the years our volunteers have hosted micro-finance workshops, painted murals in orphanages, helped build new classrooms, planted trees used for construction, visited orphanages, conducted physical exams, administered prescription medication, distributed shoes, organized libraries and delivered needed supplies.