Hosting an event can be easy and fun. We welcome anyone who would like to support The Davis Moon Project to host an event in their home town. Some of our most successful events have been our simplest.


There are many restaurants that have regular philanthropy events.  Restaurants like Fish City Grill, once a month offer 10% of their daily food and beverage sells to nonprofits like us. Volunteers have hosted a Philanthropy night at Fish City Grill in several locations throughout Texas. The events are easy, fun and help a good cause. Ask your favorite restaurant in your area if they have a Philanthropy night.

Host your own fundraiser

Our most successful fundraiser is our annual dinner and auction at Zed’s Ethiopian Cuisine in Georgetown. We can always utilize more co-host and sponsors for the Washington-D.C.-based fundraiser. If you’d like to discuss your own fundraising event, just contact us for details of how we accomplish our annual event.

College campus fundraising

If you or anyone you know is involved in the Greek system or organization affiliated with a university that’s stated mission is literacy – The Davis Moon Project is an ideal partner.  The Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority has hosted powder puff football games and BBQ dinners to raise funds for DMP.

Commit to a recurring monthly, quarterly or annual donation online

Please note- The Davis Moon Project will work with you to provide video, artboards, banners and promotional material for your event.