I’m Radioactive

Three more immunization shots and I learned something new — what a day! A fine mixture of Hep A & B (new combo shot, Twinrix) in the left arm, meningitis and polio in the right. (We’ll see what the insurance folks have to say about all the “preventive medicine”.) The good news is: I don’t have to get more shots until July; and, this visit was with my regular doctor (who typically books up 3 to 6 months in advance), but for the next two rounds of “the twins” I can merely make an appointment for a nurse visit. My “yellow card” (aka International Certificate of Vaccination) is nearly a BINGO! now. Cool.

And….. what I learned today:
If you’re needle-shy, ask the nurse to use the type of syringe that they use when vaccinating babies. Nearly unnoticeable!

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