Living the Meaning of Sacrifice

We just wrapped our first group conference call. Sonja and Haleigh have been very busy planning our mission!! During our seven-day trip, the 15 of us are:
-Transporting approx. 25, 26-inch, 48-pound, waterproof reinforced nylon roller bags of books
-Conducting a micro-lending workshop
-Painting murals at an orphanage
-Constructing the walls of a library
-Building furniture
-Delivering books for Ethiopia Reads
-Moving a school library
-Meeting families affiliated with Wide Horizons for Children
-Producing and taping a documentary

While in the village of Dahley for two workdays, we are partnering with Six Baer Essentials to help construct a public library. The August 2010 Mission is also supporting the library with a delivery of over 500 pounds of books and supplies. The library is part of a community center available to children and adults in the Dahley and surrounding communities. The Six Baer Essentials are access to food, water, clothing, health, shelter and education programs.

Six Baer Essentials was created by Tom and Sally Baer. The Baer’s story is a story of hope and transformation. A widower, Tom met and married Sally and they adopted each other’s biological children. In 2003 and 2008, they travelled to Kazakhstan and Ethiopia to adopt again.

“Sally felt an immediate connection to the country and culture, feeling completely at home there.”

In 2005, Tom attended seminary at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, volunteering full time in many different capacities, domestic and international mission trips, and finally pastoring a small church in New York. This incredible journey was preparing them for full-time service in Ethiopia.

Feeling drawn to Ethiopia, Tom made plans for a trip. He, too, wanted to experience the country and culture, but soon recognized the incredible opportunities to make a real and significant difference in the lives of many people. In May of 2009, the family of six sold their possessions and moved to Ethiopia with 10 plastic buckets containing the remainder of their belongings. They founded Six Baer Essentials on the principle that by providing food, water, shelter, clothing, education, and health to the people, you can enable the people of the impoverished community to provide daily meals for their family and for them to dream above and beyond their current circumstances. Get involved:

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