What We Learned in Ethiopia (So Far)

Yes, you need malaria medicine — even if you’re staying only in the highland of Addis Ababa. There are still mosquitoes here.

There is abundant commerce in the country capital.

The local beer is yummy and cuisine SPICY.

They don’t drive on the right or left, it’s every man for himself.

Do not think a metallic heat blanket is a good barrier between you and iffy sheets.

The Ethiopian people are friendly, welcoming, warm and helpful. Their English is navigable and their coffee ROCKS!

Water runs downhill (see Tuesday’s post.)

Expect nothing to go as planned, but it will all work out in the end anyway.

Our first full day in Ethiopia was spent with the Wide Horizons for Children organization. This private adoption agency has expanded its services to providing for child welfare in general and is now considering additional humanitarian aid efforts. When Sonja contacted them about any assistance our team could offer (free manual labor!), they jumped at the opportunity.

We signed on for two projects: painting murals at the orphanage and conducting a workshop on microfinance in Ethiopia for Wide Horizons economists and social workers.

They prepared an amazing lunch for us — beef wat and tibs, green beans in sauce, two types of stewed lentils, fried white fish, potatoes, fried plantain chips, freshly baked rolls, penne noodles and injera bread. Quite a spread!

After lunch, the kids at the orphanage were up from naps. Our first opportunity at interaction with Ethiopian children was….well, see for yourself….

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