Fourth Time’s a Charm
Visa is secured! One would think that my accessibility to the Ethiopian embassy in Washington, DC, would have made this process quick and easy. Not so much. My first trip with paperwork and passport in hand, the office was closed. I failed to follow Sonja’s instructions on the second attempt and had to come back with a money order for round three. The processing agent asked what my purpose was for visiting Ethiopia and I said I was supporting a mission. Then she told me that I had incorrectly filled out the paperwork because if I was planning to “work” in the country I needed a different form. Upon clarifying that I was only delivering books (wink, wink) to a children’s library, she took my passport, forms, 2″ x 2″ photo, and the $70 money order and told me to come back tomorrow. Fourth trip to the Ethiopian embassy on International Drive = SUCCESS!

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