Meet our Board of Directors

Our board of directors is just as passionate as we are about helping those who are less fortunate. We want to showcase those who are working behind the scenes providing not only time and money but also their hearts! Although you may not see these faces around and about all the time, they provide just as much of a contribution as the rest of the team. We would not be able to be as successful as we are without these amazing individuals! It is a collaborative team effort from an effectively passionate team!

Sonja Simmons


Sonja co-founded The Davis Moon Project after adopting Davis in 2008 and seeing firsthand the profound need among Ethiopian orphans for access to education. After a career in politics and banking, she now focuses exclusively on organizing and fundraising to benefit the children who rely on the DMP in Ethiopia. Sonja manages all the day-to-day operations of the DMP. She sees Davis in every child who is touched by the organization’s efforts and is eternally grateful for Haleigh and the never-failing group of volunteers that drive the DMP! Sonja and Davis live in Austin, TX.

Haleigh Almquist

Executive Director

Haleigh co-founded the DMP after developing a special bond with Davis and visiting Ethiopia in 2008. Haleigh is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Hush Little Baby, LLC which offers a wide range of newborn care and training services in cities across the US. She has always been and remains a cornerstone of volunteer operations for the organization. Haleigh brings a unique perspective to the DMP missions with her undergraduate and graduate degrees in childhood development. Haleigh lives with her family in Tampa, FL.

Jeanette McHale


Jeanette has been a tireless fundraiser for the DMP since its inception. Jeanette and her husband Tom remain among the DMP top donors and have selflessly hosted countless events to benefit the children served by the DMP. Jeanette’s prestigious political career has spanned from the White House to working as a top fundraiser for the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC. Jeanette lives with her family in Kensington, MD.

Kelly Sanders


Kelly has been a key resource for the DMP and helped shape the organization’s direction and policy since meeting Davis on her 2008 trip to Ethiopia. An adoptive parent and advocate for women and orphans, Kelly joined our 2012 mission to the DMP School in Arbegona. Kelly has witnessed first-hand the difference access to education can make in the lives of third world children. Kelly is an esteemed documentary film distributor for TrulyIndie located in Austin, TX. She lives with her family which includes Davis’s most cherished friend from Ethiopia.

Heather Acord


Heather joined our 2010 inaugural mission trip to Ethiopia and has seen the enormous need for learning tools among the children of Ethiopia. She is incredibly successful and has worked for the Department of Education, the IRS and several policy-oriented associations. She is currently blazing trails at the Security and Exchange Commission. Heather holds an MBA is a committed registered yoga teacher and founded Healthy.Active.Mindful, LLC in 2013 that promotes overall health and spirituality. She leads a very busy life in Arlington, VA and still finds time to connect with Davis and is constantly fundraising for the DMP.

Heather Hunt


Heather has supported the fundraising efforts of the DMP as well as with a local drive for newborn supplies for the orphanages we serve. Her career has almost exclusively been in the banking industry after earning her MBA. Currently, Heather directs corporate strategy for Citigroup where she has held several positions over 15 years. An advocate and role model for professional women, Heather lives in New York with her family.

Collin Almquist


Collin is hands-down the children’s favorite visitor at the DMP School in Arbegona. He has participated in almost all of our DMP mission trips and traveled to Ethiopia independently. We are honored to have Collin on our Board after his distinguished service to our country in the US Army. While continuing his graduate studies, working full time and being a parent, Collin still finds time to compassionately embrace our ongoing mission. Collin lives with his family in Tampa, FL.

Lori Gulakowski


Lori has been dedicated to the DMP since co-hosting the first DMP fundraising event in Washington DC in 2010. Lori enjoyed a successful career working as a press secretary for a Member of Congress and with various national trade associations. A dedicated Mom and community volunteer, she has also continued her career by serving in several capacities with defense contractors. Lori lives with her husband Ed and their family in Reston, VA.

Rodney Crouther


Rodney is a journalist by training and an activist on education issues in his work at Texas State University. He has been a long-time DMP supporter and volunteers his time to managing the DMP’s social media efforts. Rodney brings a special perspective to the organization as an adoptive parent and son of two educators. Born in rural Mississippi, Rodney now resides in Austin, TX with his family.

Sherry Reilly


Sherry has been involved in fundraising for the Davis Moon Project since the humble beginning of the organization. Between running marathons, coaching and being a dedicated Mom, she makes time to meaningfully donate her time and energy. Sherry built her career in the nuclear energy industry holding many executive positions and coalition-building to support environmentally friendly energy policy. She has held energy-focused positions in state government and led national grassroots campaigns. Sherry and her husband Dan live with their family in Alexandria, VA.

Catherine Anne Edmund


Anne is a long-time educator with an advanced degree in child counseling. She specializes in engaging children who have learning, physical or social challenges. Anne has worked in several public school systems in a variety of capacities and for the Office of Legislative Counsel on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. She promotes literacy awareness among her students and has spearheaded a school supply drive and fundraiser at 2 schools for the DMP. Anne lives with her family in Austin, TX.

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