Catherine Anne Edmund

Anne is a long-time educator with an advanced degree in child counseling.

Sherry Reilly

Sherry has been involved in fundraising for the Davis Moon Project since the humble beginning of the organization.

Rodney Crouther

Rodney is a journalist by training and an activist on education issues in his work at Texas State University.

Lori Gulakowski

Lori has been dedicated to the DMP since co-hosting the first DMP fundraising event in Washington DC in 2010.

Collin Almquist

Collin is hands-down the children's favorite visitor at the DMP School in Arbegona.

Heather Hunt

Heather has supported the fundraising efforts of the DMP as well as with a local drive for newborn supplies for the orphanages we serve.

Heather Acord

Heather joined our 2010 inaugural mission trip to Ethiopia and has seen the enormous need for learning tools among the children of Ethiopia.

Kelly Sanders

Kelly has been a key resource for the DMP and helped shape the organization's direction and policy since meeting Davis on her 2008 trip to Ethiopia.

Jeanette McHale

Jeanette has been a tireless fundraiser for the DMP since its inception.

Haleigh Almquist

Haleigh co-founded the DMP after developing a special bond with Davis and visiting Ethiopia in 2008.